The best way to beat your opponents in the sports betting world is to become them. Adopting their persona and acting as if you are the person you’re trying to beat is a great way to delve into their mind. In the sports betting world this means becoming the bookmaker like Unibet and taking on the role of tipster and odds setter.

The reason for doing this as a way to improve your sports betting prowess is twofold. Firstly, it allows you to test your knowledge of the market you’re betting on. Secondly, it gives you an insight into the types of information you need to be looking for when sizing up a sports betting proposition. This technique isn’t so much a system for betting but a training aid that will help you become a more profitable gambler overall.

To carry out this method you should start by selecting a handful of fixtures that you’re interested in. Once you’ve done that you should carry out as much research as possible into the teams, their form, the previous encounters and any other relevant news.

Once you’ve done this you should set a betting line for each. After you’ve done this and each match is complete, you should go back and compare your odds with those set by some of the major sports books. Additionally, you should see how many winning picks you managed to make.

After doing this a number of times you’ll begin to see what sort of factors the bookies use to set their odds. Moreover, you’ll get a feeling for the market and which teams are worth betting on and which aren’t. This knowledge will then enable you to spot rogue bets and take advantage of them. Indeed, once you become proficient at setting your own odds you can set them before you place your bets and quickly establish if there are any lines that differ from yours and represent great value.