You are already involved in some sort of online gambling or perhaps interested to know what’s the fuzz about it? Good. Join me and let’s have a look together about the games that offer not only a good chance of winning cash and other prizes, but also the lowest house edge and biggest payout rate.

Blackjack – Without any doubt the most popular card- or table game at any online casino or games of chance website; the game of 21, Black Jack, 17 & 4 is a classic and offers perhaps the best chances to win prizes for those of you who for those of you who understand the basics. Blackjack combines skill & luck and it’s perfectly suited for those who love the thrill playing against a dealer.

Craps – Throwing dices and placing wagers on the potential outcome, that’s basically craps. Despite the simple concept, this dice game offers a variety of different wagering and betting options; perfect for the gambler type of player. Having said that, the house edge on certain betting options is quite low, an advantage for you!

Roulette – The all time classic of a casino or gambling venue. Could you imagine a brick and mortar and online casino without a roulette table of some sort? I am sure the answer is NO! Roulette is a pure game of chance, so don’t fool yourself in thinking a certain system or strategy results in winnings all the time.

Baccarat – This card game is known to be exclusive for the rich & famous. It is also the favourite game of 007… Baccarat allows you to place bets on the house or on the player and requires no player skills per se.

There are other games of chance, with or without the element of luck where you can win prizes of some sort. Personally, I recommend sticking with the four casino games I have just presented you with.

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